February 20, 2011

Protoss Micro Tips

Just found this great forum article on general Micro strategy for Protoss players. There is a lot of obvious stuff they point so I wanted to quickly point out what I found most useful. Here is the article:


This is what I found most useful for Protoss micro strategy:

1. Put Zealots in front of stalkers at all times.

When you attack you clearly want to do this since zealots are useless unless they are at zero range but equally important is when you are not attacking. Often times I find myself leaving my army, macroing up, and having my army get surprise attacked. When this happens and your zealots are not up front they will struggle to move up as they are getting hammered by ranged units.

2. Put your units in a concave position.

This applies to all races. The logic behind this is simple - ranged units behind ranged units will generally not be able to reach the enemy because the front line starts shooting at max range. This leaves the secondary line hustling to get into position to shoot at the enemy. Those few seconds where they run around the primary line are vital. This is probably the difference between a Platinum and a Diamond league player. The ever present concave.

3.Put health bars on so you can see what units are at low health.

This is also a great tip I started implementing a few months ago. It is annoying at first but once you get used it you will be amazed at how much more information you have on the screen. Aside from immediately knowing which units are low on health (giving you the opportunity to micro them out of the front lines), you also know the energy levels of units. Great tip.

4. Psionic storm does not stack!!

Probably the most noob mistake I ever made in matches. I remember a kind soul in a 3v3 match giving me this tip after watching me pound out 5 storms on his mutas -- "hey dude those storms don't stack." Now you know.

5. Blink low-health stalkers to the back of the line.

A somewhat tedious task but with health bars enabled this is not as bad as it sounds. It also preserves stalkers at a much more effective rate when you consistently blink them out of danger.

6. Attack rocks and/or your own units to maintain or build a charge with void-rays

Few units can stand up to a fully charged void-ray. Maintain that charge by attacking your own units as you move across the enemy base. The amount of damage you do to your own unit is well worth it in exchange for the amount of extra damage your void-ray will now do to the enemy. Also, charging up on rocks is a great way to surprise the enemy with fully charged void-rays that they don't expect.

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