August 25, 2011

Public Test Realm notes for Patch 1.4

Blizzard recently released  the Public Test Realm patch 1.4 notes. As with all public test realm patches, these changes are only proposed updates and may not make it into the general servers.

Along with balance changes, Blizzard is also making several cool general changes to the game options, user interface, display, and even sounds. 

Some notable general changes:
  • Game performance has been improved
  • Privacy settings have been implemented to reduce unwelcome chat messages
  • Building cancellations display a text indicating returned minerals for the owner and a text for the enemy
  • New option to fade existing alert sounds if a new one is played
Of course, the real interest in the patch lies in the balance changes and Patch 1.4 does not disappoint in causing a stir. 

Discussion, balance changes, and link after the jump.